Wine Magic

This is all about Fine Wine and what I refer to as Wine Magic. There are so many ways to enjoy Wine, and when you add Wine to specific activities, Magic happens.  Calming, relaxing and stress relieved Wine Magic!

Here is a full explanation about the Wine Experience you are about to have all the time:

Activities To Best Enjoy Along a Glass of Fine Wine, creating Wine Magic!

A Relaxing Bath or Jacuzzi 

wine magic

It begins with thoughts of a bubble bath and your favorite glass of Fine Wine. Perhaps a rich sultry red wine or an enticing white wine to enjoy. Candles lit to create the peaceful ambiance desired with a quiet space. A space where you can let the cares of the day disappear into nothingness. Forget what you did not accomplish and let it be the first thing on your to do list for tomorrow.

You’ve thought about this special moment all day. Now it is your time to relax with your favorite Fine Wine, and maybe a good book. Your moment for peace and tranquility. Your moment to enjoy a hot tub bath, a good book and perhaps, another glass!

When the Wine Magic finally kicks in; that special moment you’ve waited for all day becomes a reality. You’ve invite him/her into the hot tub with you to enjoy this romantic moment and evening. Your time and space shared with no one else. No television, no cell phones and no computers. It’s just the two of you in this quiet space along with some Fine Wine. The magic will happen, so just relax and enjoy the atmosphere you have created for the both of you.

wine magic

Enjoying a Jacuzzi hot tub along with some Fine Wine is not a bad idea to end a stressful day, if you ask me! You and that special someone can watch the sun set along with a glass of Fine Wine. Enjoy penetrating bubbles, and massaging jets of the Jacuzzi as it melts away the cares of the day. As you think about your life and future, enjoy the wine magic of a Fine Wine. 

Make any Meal into an “Event”

To make a meal into an event, it must start with a Fine Wine.  You would then pair it with the perfect foods to make it an “Event”. By pairing fruits, cheeses and maybe some chocolate (for a more refined meal), the next step is a Fine Wine. You can create Wine Magic with every sip followed by each bite and taste of the meal you’ve prepared.

wine magic

There are many different wines and varieties that many of us don’t know about. And you have not been introduced to the different wine types in order to know how to pair them. Or maybe you were given an opportunity to learn about food and wine pairing at restaurant, or through the suggestion of a friend with wine pairing experience.

We Get Our Fine Wines from the Tasting Rooms of Napa and Sonoma Valleys:

Through our Exclusive Exclusive Wine Club, you will gain knowledge and access to New Fine Wines each and every month. You will receive information on each wine variety, where they come from, and how to pair them with your food. With this information you will have a clear understanding of how to create the “ambiance” for that special event. You will enjoy and introduce your taste buds to the ultimate experience.

If you’ve never enjoyed the sensations of a Fine Wine with a cheese assortment of soft White or Gouda Cheese, you’re in for a surprise. The tastes varies in degrees of goodness to your palate with a variety of a Fine Wine. By simply adding some melon wrapped with Prosciutto Ham, you can turn this wine tasting into an “Event”.

Women and Wine go together better than anything!

When women come together, it’s usually for laughs, some sort of trouble, some inside jokes or local gossip. By adding the pairing of Fine Wine, some Glasses, and the Party is on!  Beginning with the first pour to the last drop of wine in the bottle, everything is fun.

wine magic

Providing your girlfriends with good food, a Fine Wine along with good company, the enjoyment could not get any better because women know how to make the most of each moment. By relaxing in a comfortable environment, whether dressed to impress or in their PJ’s, it does not matter. Your may share activities like watching old movies, sharing makeup tips or going through each others clothes closet, girls know how to have a good time.

All made even better with the addition of Fine Wine to round out the time spent together.

From enjoying a night out on the Town to bar hopping here and there, a bottle or two of Fine Wine shared with girlfriends is the best way to create moments that will last forever. Bury the cares and stress of the day and enjoy the support and companionship of your girlfriends along with a bottle of Fine Wine.

Grab a Glass (or Bottle) and enjoy the Wine Magic as you dance the night away, relaxed and worry-free.

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How about adding a Fine Wine to a romantic dinner while listening to classical music in an outdoor setting? Have you ever enjoyed a campfire in Yellowstone Park, some dark chocolate and a smooth Chardonnay? If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it!

Wine has long been known as the “elixir of life”. It has been called a gift from the Gods because it’s been around for Centuries. It has been used to celebrate special events such as weddings or one’s life achievements. By joining our Wine of the Month Club, you’ll be able to enjoy those special moments and times that’s worthy of a Fine Wine.

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