Products that Help Our Pets

Not all products that are made for Pets are necessarily where we should be looking for products that help out pets. This is where things come into using best judgement for our special (sometimes only) true friends.

They communicate to us in loving gestures. Unless they are cats, then they insist to pee puke or shit on things we care about should we upset them in some way. But let’s not talk about why I no longer have cats.

The same problems we face as mammals on this planet can share in the same helpful results. And we have some incredible ways to make life for them and us better. From preventing the nauseous smells and odors of pets to helping their brains function as they age.

Products that Help Our Pets in a list form:

  • Bran (pronounced Bray-n). We have more and more articles referencing this incredible find of a product by the day. While the delivery system is easy, cracking the Snap in half will have your dog running to you whenever you are taking one. They’ll lick it up no problem.
  • Stop the Stink of Dog Farts: This is a must have product for Stinking Gas animals. Including us humans. Take this, or give this to your pet and avoid the embarrassing room clearing stink. Give or take before the guests arrive!

We often look at what the Vet directs us on or the Pet Store. Think about how naïve this is though. I mean do you just rely on your Doctor, or Walmart for your health advisements. Do you seek other knowledge and listen to the solutions others have found? Of course we do.

These products have been helping with arthritis, pain, aging and regulating their bodies. The Brain Food product alone will offset depression and anxiety.

May you have the happiest years with your furry besties ever. And be sure to pass along and share what you can from this. We discovered it, and are always sharing it.