Natural Hair Care Tools

Natural hair care tools are here, and they are going to help you with your Hair. There has to be something said for someone willing to innovate and help the world. And Joi – you did it. From creating both a culture to help others, but also a way to innovate and deliver Natural Hair Care Tools to do the trick for all.

Our hair is extremely important to us. It is a big part of how we are seen and how we see ourselves. The way we manage our hygiene is a reflection on us directly. And when you have hair that is seemingly out of control, you are in a World of despair. But have no fear, the solution is here.

Our genetics give us our hair. From straight to curly and everything in-between and sometimes in combination thereof. We have no idea (until you come here) that there are Natural Hair Care Tools to help us out. And believe you me, this is something that will help so many. Especially those with the harder to manage hair.

End the Bad Hair Days!

There are methods to end the bad hair days, and you have found one. Right here! And its all in knowing your Hair Type and how to care for it. And then having access to Natural Hair Care Tools to help you take care of the genetic blessing of Hair Type that you have.

Natural Hair, is simply put the hair you have without the Chemical Treatments you may have done to your hair over the years. It is the best shape your hair should be in as well. Healthy, not brittle or breaking off at the ends or in the middle. It is what you want to be working with in order to gain the most out of the health of your hair. And to help it last in a great health state for as long as possible.

Getting back to enjoying and celebrating your Natural Hair:

natural hair care products

Getting to your Natural Hair means to undo or repair from the damages you have willingly or unwillingly allowed your hair to go through. But there is awesome, great, outstanding news. This new revolutionary weekly hair care system we are sharing with you here; will help you get back your natural hair state. This leads me to the next topic about finding your ideal hair care system for you.

Hair Types – Natural Hair Care Tools (and Products)

Yes, there are different hair types. And this was something I myself just learned. Because its the same as with most anything; knowledge is amazing. And just like you have blood types and skin types; there are also hair types. Also, from learning more about this subject, there are some things to clear up about hair types. For one thing, your specific race or ethnicity does not always determine your particular hair type. It is all genetic! And you may not even get the same hair as your direct parent or parents. Your family tree and the people that make it up literally pass down the genes to you that determine not only your skin color and eye color but also your hair color and type. And depending on how they are designed or attributed to you determines the genetic outcome. And should you be cursing your genes, have no fear, there are people out there finding ways to make our lives better.

This is the case with these incredible Natural Hair Care Tools. You really should go here and check them out already. If you have hair, or know anyone with hair, this information is incredible. It can make hair days better again. And for many, they are not where they know this solution exists. Now that you are here, you know!

From everything I can see and from all I talk too, Women especially know their Hair Type. They deal with it each day, every day, and all day. And if you know anyone with curls at all, you better be sharing this page.

The Hair Chart

There is a chart that helps you determine your hair type. It goes from Type 1 to Type 4. Each type has a subtype. These subtypes get more specific to help you determine your hair type. Then once you determine your hair type, you will be able to learn how to care for your hair.

natural hair care products

Like me I have type 4C hair, which is the hardest to manage frizzy, tight curl. People with this type of hair very often use chemical treatments to tame our hair. Thereby, we lose our nature hair texture. I have been trying to get rid of the chemically processed hair for years. Due to over processing, my hair is very brittle, extremely frizzy and has an extremely slow growth rate. Once I get my natural hair back, these natural hair care products will be a life saver for me and my hair.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my curls!!! I want them to be smooth and silky and more manageable. When I was small, they were just like that. I want that again. However, it takes a while. So while I am waiting, I am doing my research on how to care for my hair type. This perfect day washing system will help me to keep my hair all natural and manageable. Now let’s talk about the various hair types and see if you can determine your hair type.

Hair Type 1 – A, B and C

type 1b hair

If you have hair type 1 then you have generally straight hair. However, straight hair also comes with texture. Thus, you have the various hair types for category 1.

  • Type 1A hair is very straight hair with no bend, bounce or wave. It can be very difficult to add texture to it. As a result, people with straight hair use perms to get a bit of curl from time to time.
  • Type 1B hair is still straight but has a little wave to it. Not much but enough to have a bit of bounce and subtle curves in the wave. This type of hair is a bit easier to curl without the need for chemical enhancements.
  • Type 1c hair has a combination of straight hair with a bit of curl. This type of hair can be affected by weather conditions and humidity, but not always.

Type 2 Hair: A, B and C – Natural Hair Care Tools

This hair type has waves as the general texture. However, the wave vary. Thus, you have the scale to determine exactly which hair type you have.

natural hair care products
  • Type 2A hair is generally loose waves with the hair straight at the crown of the head. The wave slowly forms down towards the middle of the head but are very fine and thin with not much texture to them.
  • Type 2B hair also has straight hair at the crown with the wave starting in the middle. However, these wave are more defined forming an S shape as the descend to the hair tip. This type of wave is usually a bit more coarse in texture and can have a tendency to frizz.
  • Type 2c hair has waves from the crown to the tip. The texture of the wave is more along the lines of a curl or ringlet. Sometimes, the texture is coarse and the hair thick. This hair type is extremely prone to frizzing.
natural hair care products

Hair Type 3 – A, B, and C

This hair type 3 is the most popular for hair. We all want those big, fat, bouncy curls. Type 3 hair types have that smooth, shiny and voluminous hair. It just seems to say, ” My hair is healthy and beautiful”. So that is we strive for. However, unfortunately, we don’t always have this. As I said before, it is all about your gene pool.

  • Type 3A curls are big loose spirals. These curls tend to be shiny and springy with a soft texture and a well defined S-shape.
  • Type 3B curls are a bit tighter curls. The curl ranges from ringlets to corkscrews. With this hair type, you experience more volume and density. This hair type also leans towards the coarse side.
  • Type 3C curls are the curly-coily type. They are extremely tight corkscrew in shape. Due to this type of curl, your hair will appear to have some shrinkage. As a result, you hair volume will appear more dense with greater volume.

Type 4 Hair – Natural Hair Care Products

This is my hair type. As with most people with an ethnic background, you may fall in this hair type. We tend to use chemical enhancement to tame or manage our curly, frizzy hair. However, with this new product, that will not longer be the case. In the meantime, let’s explore this Type 4 hair.

type 4c hair
  • Type 4A hair has a curl that is extremely tight with a distinct S shape. This hair type is dense with springy coils varying from wiry to fine. The hair is usually very coarse and thick.
  • Type 4B hair is very unique in that its curls look more like a z-shape pattern with sharp edges and angles. The curl is tighter but less defined in shape. The curl strand also has a varied from fine and thin to wiry to coarse.
  • Type 4C hair is what I have. It is very dense, thick and coarse with little definition in the curls. This hair type curl can range from super fine to wiry and coarse. However, the curls are very delicate and can be lost easily. It also tends to frizz badly.

Care for Hair types

Now that you know what your hair type is exactly, you need to know how to care for it. It is quite simple. The perfect wash day kit is something that we will be marketing here. It will enable you to get your curl back to its best optimal texture and shape. You can get your natural hair back with these natural hair care products. With this daily treatment for your hair, you will be back to your natural self in no time.

Great News – and you should check this out!

We have the system you have been looking for to get back to your natural you. Just have a look at all the various products available to you to have the ultimate hair care system to the best looking hair you can imagine. All with just a click of a button. So click away and get all