Stop the Stink of Dog Farts

Stop the Stink of Dog Farts with this incredible and totally safe consumable product. This is the sure fire way to eliminate the smell of elimination! We have all experienced bad gas from a pet or family member. This is where you get the solution.

Stop the Stink of Dog Farts

Use occasionally or regularly depending on the needs for the individual pet or person with the issue. Now we have all been there. We are playing with our beloved pet, the friends are over. We are enjoying some great Company, some incredible wines and appetizers. And everything is perfect. Until the dog “rips” a fart and while it is silent, it is super deadly. It has ruined the entire atmosphere.

Its just something to deal with right?

The Dog can’t help it, he is getting old? Right?

We just have to evacuate and apologize, with nothing to prevent this right?

WRONG! We can Stop the Stink of Dog Farts

All with this incredible edible and safe product. See it here! You simply give this to them prior to events, happenings, or daily if its an issue ongoing. Safe, harmless, and makes it odorless!

Think of the Holidays, Special Occasions, or even just a Tuesday Afternoon. Enjoy your best friend, without the odor or taste that comes when they pass the gas. This is truly a remarkable and must have product that is one incredible solution.