Shoe Carrier Clip

The Show Carrier Clip we are about to share with you is something you are going to wish you had ever since little league or your beginning class of ballet. Ever see that useful device that makes you say, “Where was that when I was doing” anything. Well when it comes to anything sports, or dance related, this was the case for us. See this amazing device is the best way we have seen to keep your shoes, boots, skates, and more attached to your backpack or gear bag. Because our shoes, especially after use in sports, dance, or the outdoors; they get grimy, stinky and otherwise not what we want next to our clothing.

Oh yeah, now your life just got easier. You are so welcome!

shoe carrier clip

That is where this gets massive attention from us. See there are scenarios in play here. Any type of shoe, or boot, or foot covering device needs a way to be secure to our travel bags. And this Show Carrier Clip is everything we needed but didn’t know till we saw this. Then we had to get 1 or 10 of them to use for our everyday play and work.

You play hard, and you play in certain shoes, and then after play when you go home, you need “going home” shoes. You cannot seriously wear cleats, dance shoes, or even your prized running shoes when you drive home now can you. And you most likely are not going to want your just used to your full athletic ability shoes or cleats to be next to your clothing in your bag. Nope. So this is where this show

Also known as “A Hangers for Shoes”; this Shoe Carrier Clip is a must have for us all:

Picture it. You just got done playing a game of soccer with the boys. Your cleats are grass stained and for sure smell like sweat and tears. They are broken in, you love them, but you don’t love the idea of taking them home in your bag alongside your gear and unused back up clothing now do you? Nope. And that is where this Shoe Carrier Clip becomes a must have, and “I cannot believe I never had this before” device of necessity.

Plus, now you have extra room in your backpack or gear bag for other things. And come on, shoes do not belong in with your clothing and gear. They need to be proudly displayed and aired out as you go from play to work, play to home, or play to play.

Convenient odor eaters are available to add to the experience of playing hard, but not sharing the odor with the family too. If I only had these for my hockey skates. Oh how they must have made my wife happy when I tossed them into the car.

Ski boots. Cowboy Boots (after a hard night of dancing or even a party) when you need to put them away. Up in the closet, and being aired out. These devices are so useful, you should have one for each pair of foot covering you have. Or at least the ones you play in.

Start Enjoying things without the mess. Just utilize these buggers, and act as if you had these all your life. Cause once you get them, you will wish you had them long before you found them here.

Get your Shoe Carrier Clip here. And be sure to think of others. Great gift for you, your loved ones, the entire team, and don’t forget the Coach!

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