Medical Devices on the Blockchain

medical devices

Welcome to the future today where Medical Devices are now on the Blockchain. This is a huge advancement. It means you now can GO HERE AND GET SET UP WITH AN ACCOUNT and GET WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY to tie into your Medical Reporting. Only it is on the BLOCKCHAIN in a proprietary method that allows for absolute security of your date. Of your health and medical data. Yet allows it to be used in macro form for research and development. And you are rewarded for it.

When you understand the World and the use of Medical Devices such as FitBit, Apple Watch (and apps), Samsung Watch (and apps) its cool on the surface. But that information is available to the buyers out there. It is open source really, where it can be used to hurt or harm you even. How so you ask? Well, let’s say your employer, or potential employer can pull up you medical history. Can that affect their hiring, or promotions, or how they work with you? YES. How about your Insurance Companies? Can they determine your risk and make changes based upon your Medical indicators as collected by these “Non Secure” and “Open Source” or available by HACKING?

We would like to say no. But we have all seen the data breaches and more that occur. And this is something that can affect many areas of our health, wealth and lifestyles.

We Have the Only Way. And it PAYS us in Cryptocurrency for being a part of it:

We have access to the only Blockchain Solution that not only allows for the latest in the “State of the Art” technology for Medical Monitoring; but so much more. It is low cost. You get the tech for almost nothing. And subscribe to the service for a low monthly fee. From there you get access to monthly reports. These are secure to you. And provides an amazing personal history for your Doctor’s use. As you allow it.

Get set up here. Or see below how you can connect with us to get 1 on 1 support to get you set up, connected and going. And all without giving access to your Medical Data to anyone you don’t want to share it with. Including us. We are just here to get you going in the Medical Devices. Furthermore; to help set up your account and Rewards in Cryptocurrency for being a part of this all.

If you are seeing the huge OPPORTUNITY in this technology and the specifics that include:

  • Be a part of creating Medical Data to help the forward progress of medicine and solutions. Your data can help the World today, tomorrow, and into the future. Data is everything.
  • Secure your information. Unlike fitbit and apple, and all the other wearable tech that is not with us, they get and openly use your data. This creates a way for employers to access it and discriminate even without your knowledge. It is valuable information. Your medical data SHOULD never be OPEN SOURCE available. Yet if you are using fitbit, Apple, Samsung products today, your info is open. Scary isn’t it. We offer the only way to be a part of the tracking and applications with security.
  • Have data you can control on your Health and Well Being. Stats and details, and a report generated monthly you can provide your Doctor(s) and Medical Staff to access. Always on your TERMS. Not open to anyone without your permission.
  • See how your Health is all the time. Know your vitals.
  • For those with Medical Concerns; having these wearable devices allows for monitoring and alerts. If you are prone to heart attacks or strokes, this is going to alert your loved one when you are in danger. And so forth. It is endless in the life saving and life endearing benefits from this technology.

Then YOU need to do one of two things:

  1. Go to this LINK and sign up for the Medical Watch. Get your subscription set and going. And get your watch connected for mining as you use it. (You will need to get into contact with me – or wait for me to contact you with help and assistance. Once it is going, you are set!).
  2. Just get going with me 1 on 1, step by step. This is something that is worth the time to learn and be part of. And we are more than willing to assist you. REGISTER to the right of this page (if you haven’t already) and then reply to any of my emails that you want to get your Medical Devices going.

This is a huge deal, and we are taking it global. It is a massive change in securing our Medical Information. It is something everyone that is human and bleeds red needs. Especially those over the age of 25.

Medical Devices Help to Prove Effective Results:

We have some incredible products that have been seen to help with several areas of health. The testimonials are incredible. But seeing this device prove that they are effective is incredible. We have more information on these Health Products Here.