Churros are the best aren’t they! We usually smile big when we see them available at a fair, show, concert, event, wherever. There is a thing about them though. They taste incredible when they are FRESH made, hot and steamy, and are never as good as when they are that fresh. We want to have them at that point of their creation verses being under a heat lamp or reheated from being made hours or days before. The fresh churros are always the best churros.

The best solution for having Fresh Churros is to make them yourself, and to have them Hot and Ready to share with your loved ones. This can be done with something we found. And when we found this company, we found so many other cool things for the World of Churro.

This company is all about Churros. From Do It Yourself Churro Making Kits, to Take and Bake Kits they have it all. They have monthly subscription even so you can make it a ritual for Movie Nights. Because churros are a fun snack, they literally can go with almost any activity.

Do It Yourself. You literally get pre-made dough mix. Mix it up. Put it in the fry pan. Coat with Sugar and Fill with Yumminess and Eat.

This is probably the next best thing to have someone come and clean your house for you. And its fun to make these churros. The kids will love this, and you are sure to get the best churros and experience with them being made fresh and hot.

Take-And-Bake. Churros that come ready to Heat and Eat. (Next best thing to making them Fresh and Hot).

When you are not ready to use the dough and fry them, and you want it even quicker, this is the way to go. They make their own award-winning churro dough from scratch and then handcraft every churro, fry them to golden perfection and then coat them with sugar and freshly ground cinnamon. Because our churros are artisanally-made in small batches, their sizes, color and shapes may vary.

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There are so many ways to enjoy these delicious desserts. I wanted to list out some ideas, and you will find that everyone involved will love these treats. And you cannot beat having them hot and ready, made as needed! Especially with kids, who will enjoy making them and being a part of the kitchen experience as much as they enjoy eating these.

Ideas for making Churros a part of everyday fun and celebration:

Birthdays and Birthday Parties

Anniversaries; not just wedding but all types of Anniversaries

Work Parties or Celebrations

Anything or anytime with kids. Churros are like donuts, just in stick form, so if you can eat or have a donut, its Churro time as well. These are, by the way, so much easier than making donuts. This is a must have kit!